Hubbler Connect
Your employees as a community

Hubbler Connect delivers on its name. We help your employees connect, collaborate, engage and share as a community by providing all resources and communication enablers in one place.

Employee Connect

Become Family - Interact & Come Together. Post photos, videos - Share special moments with your colleagues.

  • Announcements

    Organisations can post announcements, updates, milestones & everything share-worthy to all employees, at the click of a button.

  • Business Continuity Plan

    Organisations when in the midst of emergency, can now empower employees with extra reassurance that assistance a touch away!

  • Employee Directory

    Find any fellow global or local employee based on Profile, Industry, Skills or Location. When you are travelling, the app will show the employee nearest to your location.

  • Profile

    Get to know the employees. From their business, to the industries, skills, interests, learning needs and family.

  • Mission Management

    Set targets, review them against actuals & course correct proactively. Monitor via interactive dashboards for your business metrics & avoid time-intensive employee interactions. Also, the reports are hierarchy based, your view is unique!

  • Leaderboard

    Gamify work among teams! In real-time, motivate go-getters & fellow employees alike with reward points for achieving small & big milestones. Top performers are listed, for all to see!

  • Polls

    Create polls, get peer opinions on issues that matter to you without needing to send out a ton of mails.

  • Events

    Large or small, restricted or public - manage events like a pro. Create and share event agenda. With the check-in feature - you get the attendee list in real time. Also digitize event feedback right here on Hubbler.

  • Special Interest Groups

    No more dozens of WhatsApp groups to track and manage. Create, publish, find and connect with all your special interest groups in one place.

  • Channels

    Organisations can create official channel for employees to visit for org. updates, training videos / docs, collaterals, etc. Also, employees can create Interest based channels.

  • Library

    Whether your employees are book readers, magazine readers, or newspaper readers; You can put 100s of e-books at their fingertips!

  • Learning Needs

    Hubbler Connect hails your employees' spirit of learning - from peers and from events. Just let us know your learning needs and we will connect you to your peers.

  • Survey / Feedback

    Take real-time feedback, create surveys to collect feedback from customers & employees, and get instant, detailed feedback reports.

  • Marketplace

    This is where you get what Alexa & Siri flounder to give you. Reach out to your peers when you need something or you wish to share something.

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